The Vibrant Digestion Method 🔥

A four-week cooking program to heal your digestion with food and medicinal herbs.

We start November 26th, 2018! 

Do you suffer from a slow metabolism? Paralyzing and constant indigestion? Bloat and skin breakouts

Learn how to use whole foods and medicinal herbs and spices to beam radiance from the inside out and deepen your connection to your body. You will walk away with long-term, 100% whole foods & herbal solutions.  

Join now for the early-bird rate! After November 21st course is $347

Are you: -Scared to eat out and don't know what the heck to even cook because it all "sits poorly"? -Constantly in a bad mood,sleepy, anxious and uneasy? -Spending too much money on supplements, drugs or teas to reduce your belly bloat and indigestion? - Having constant brain fog?  

Imagine if: - your energy levels were steady all day long and you felt emotionally steady and serene - you ate in a way that lifted your mood and boosted your energy - you had consistent bowel movements - you felt and looked like a rockstar!

 Stop imagining. 

In the Vibrant Digestion Method your belly and body will begin to sparkle with more energy! 

After four weeks, you'll leave with:

1. 4 weeks of education: 1 email each week with cooking lessons and one live cooking demo per week 2. A customized nutrition and lifestyle plan, to restore your digestion, tailored just for you 3. A ten step formula for a vibrant radiant belly 4. Knowing how to reduce your indigestion 4. Knowing what to eat and drink to reduce bloating 5. Recipes for creating herbal foods and infusions to heal skin break-outs 6. Knowing how to boost your energy so you don't crash at 5pm 7. The tools to clear the mental fog, forever! 8. The wisdom and tools to boost your serotonin levels naturally 9. The ability to reach "poophoria" aka a regular poop cycle! 10. Knowing how to make natural probiotic fermented foods and gut-healing soups 11. A blueprint for how to apply the wisdom we learn together, long-term 

Hey! I'm Sabrina Dora López. After years of struggling with a stagnant, weak digestion and paralyzing heartburn, I learned to heal myself thru home-cooking, proper food combining, Ayurvedic nutrition and herbalism

As a chef, herbalist, educator and daughter of a doctor (and a human growing up in today's over-prescribed culture!), I know deep-down that the white pills are woefully damaging and only a short-term solution for digestive suffering.

I created this program after proving to myself and my clients that through proper nutrition and lifestyle, we can reignite our mojo and digestion! Bottom line, the Vibrant Digestion Method works. 

How it works : 

1. We begin on Monday, November 26th, 2018. 3. Each student will schedule a private one-on-one call with me within the first two weeks of the course. Our intake will allow me to create a customized nutrition plan for you. 4. This is a self-paced course. Each week you will receive a lesson via email with recipes, live cooking demos and a blueprint for how to heal your digestion. 5. We will meet each Friday at noon over the course of four weeks over Zoom for a group coaching call. 6. You will receive ongoing support and the live cooking demos in our exclusive Facebook group 

Questions? Email me at 

Early bird rate ends November 21st!